Air Conditioning

Many people take air conditioning for granted, but when their Air conditioning system is not functioning properly it is quickly noticed by a number of different signs other than temperature.


Dealer Maintenance:

We can perform "dealer" service on new vehicles and provide customers with recommended oil change intervals based on the oil grade and requirement of the vehicle. Following maintenance recommendations and saving the records adds to the resale value and keeps the cost of ownership down.

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Seasonal Tips:

Properly caring for your car isn't just a once a year inspection or maintenance check, prolong the life of your vehicle with regular maintenance checks from qualified technicians and by following a few of our seasonal tips...

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Payments Accepted:






Air Conditioning

Time to recharge? No problem

            We perform many Air Conditioning repairs from recharges to replacement of components. Different from a simple home air conditioning system that can be removed and replaced when it fails, the components of a car's air conditioning system are scattered throughout multiple places and are different from car to car. We have the latest diagnostic and recharging equipment to perform any repair on any vehicle.

Many new cars are equipped with Automatic Climate Control and have the ability to adjust temperature in separate zones. These changes in technology add more sensors and parts to your car. Our technicians are EPA-609 certified to handle refrigerant and to make Air Conditioning repairs.


Potential failure if neglected

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has identified malfunctioning climate control systems as being a motor vehicle safety threat. The defrost cycle of a typical climate control system uses the heating and air conditioning running at the same time to remove humidity from the interior air in winter months. When either part of that system is malfunctioning, it can not only create a vision obstruction but also create a motorist distraction if they attempt to clear the windshield/windows while operating their vehicle. Your air conditioning system may need something as simple as a recharge at Precision Motor Werks in order to solve your frosting/fogging windows.




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