Diagnosis & Repair

Diagnosis and Repair go hand-in-hand with each other. The quality of a repair directly depends on the accuracy of the diagnosis which is made. Technicians with a thorough understanding of the Diagnosis and Repair process have happier customers.


Dealer Maintenance:

We can perform "dealer" service on new vehicles and provide customers with recommended oil change intervals based on the oil grade and requirement of the vehicle. Following maintenance recommendations and saving the records adds to the resale value and keeps the cost of ownership down.

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Seasonal Tips:

Properly caring for your car isn't just a once a year inspection or maintenance check, prolong the life of your vehicle with regular maintenance checks from qualified technicians and by following a few of our seasonal tips...

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Payments Accepted:







Installing the wrong parts is as bad as installing the right parts incorrectly. We have a knowledgeable staff of experienced technicians from various corners of the automotive industry. In diagnosing "clicks, ticks, rattles and thunks", it is very important that the customer relays their concern to the technician or consultant descriptively. It is common that the customer may accompany the technician on a test drive in order to replicate their concern as accurately as possible. The "click" that the technician hears might be the "tick" that the customer hears. Our concern at Precision Motor Werks is to be the solution to your automotive concerns.


From small to large, we have the ability to perform repair on all systems of foreign or domestic cars and trucks. Some of the repairs we make on a regular basis are brakes, suspension/steering, engine, transmission, drive-train, climate control (heating, air conditioning), electrical/lighting and check engine lights. On numerous brands, we are equipped with the same tools and software that the manufacturers themselves use to diagnose and repair a vehicle.

We do not ignore the demands of minor repairs just because another major repair is on our schedule. We use the same attention to detail in every repair we make because we know that every major system consists of minor individual parts. We are not a Body Shop, we solve your vehicle's mechanical problems regardless of make, model or age. We specialize in European brands (Volkswagen, Audi, Volvo, BMW, Mercedes-Benz) due to their increased complexity and innovative features.




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