About Us

We are a premier dealership-alternative for professional automotive services located in historic Marblehead, Massachusetts. We have been serving the North Shore community with honest, professional automotive services since 1986.


Dealer Maintenance:

We can perform "dealer" service on new vehicles and provide customers with recommended oil change intervals based on the oil grade and requirement of the vehicle. Following maintenance recommendations and saving the records adds to the resale value and keeps the cost of ownership down.

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About Us


History of Precision Motor Werks

Precision Motor Werks opened in 1986 as a premier automotive machine shop performing engine machining and rebuilding. In 1994 we expanded into Dynanometer testing and added Racing Engines to our list of specialties. Expanding into auto repair early on and increasing the size of our team, we now have 4 full-time outstanding technicians and 7 service bays. Our facility has expanded in segments and what was once Barnard Street Motors alongside Precision Motor Werks has solely become Precision Motor Werks. We replaced the engine dynanometer with two more service bays in order to maintain the increasing demand in service. We have constantly kept up with the ever-changing technology of automobiles with regular schooling and investments in the latest equipment required for making the most accurate diagnosis and precise repairs. 


Our Team

Kent Jones, Owner:

Long-time Marblehead resident Kent Jones has been working on engines since age 10. He first started in the automotive industry in the early 1980's and opened Precision Motor Werks in 1986 as an engine machine shop and developed into automotive repair. Today he sees over day to day operations, works on racecar projects/development and helps technicians in the service shop. He ran endurance race engine development programs and has experience behind the wheel of racecars including Formula cars, Sports Racers, Touring, GT cars and IceRacers. Raced in many professional series including SCCA, USAC, Grand-Am, ACRL, IMSA. Raced tracks around the country including Watkins Glen, Daytona and Lime Rock.

Jeff, Service Manager/Shop Foreman:

Nahant resident and family man Jeff Mitchell has been Service Manager at Precision Motor Werks for 15 years and has been involved in the automotive industry since highschool. He has 2 bull dogs, plays in a mens softball team and likes helping customers with honesty and resourcefulness.

Katie, Consultant/Secretary:

Marblehead resident Katie Bergin has been working as receptionist and service writer for Precision Motor Werks since 2008. She loves animals and is a loyal Red Sox, Team Edward and Patriots fan. She is friendly and helpful with customers as well as their pets.

Our automotive service consultants are very organized and experienced in much of the brainwork behind administering vehicle repair as well as the hands-on understanding of a motor vehicle that is necessary in communicating repairs with customers.

Jeff, our Service Manager and Shop Foreman has been with the company for over 16 years and is well-versed in many aspects of the automotive repair industry. Our technicians as well as our service consultants have first-name basis relationships with many of our customers because of their honest and professional personalities.

Precision Motor Werks has a great selection of technicians with diverse rosters in education and work experience. Many of our technicians worked for dealerships before joining us and were looking for a career at a more convenient location where they could provide their own community with automotive service that exceeds expectations. Some of our technicians have over 30 years of experience in the industry and all together have a career average of 18 years with the company.

We have seven service bays and four full-time technicians to accomodate your needs.



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