From maintenance to repair to restoration projects, Precision Motor Werks is your local automotive solutions shop.


Dealer Maintenance:

We can perform "dealer" service on new vehicles and provide customers with recommended oil change intervals based on the oil grade and requirement of the vehicle. Following maintenance recommendations and saving the records adds to the resale value and keeps the cost of ownership down.

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Seasonal Tips:

Properly caring for your car isn't just a once a year inspection or maintenance check, prolong the life of your vehicle with regular maintenance checks from qualified technicians and by following a few of our seasonal tips...

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Our Services


Air Conditioning

We perform many AC repairs from recharges to replacement of components. We have the latest diagnostic and recharging equipment to perform any repair on any vehicle.


Engine/Transmission Replacement

We started out back in the 80's only performing major engine repairs and engine rebuilding. We now do so much more, but major engine repairs are still a mainstay. We perform such repairs for many other local repair shops which do not want to get involved in major repair work as well as regular customers and referrals.


Oil Changes

Our oil change service is more than just changing the oil and filter. It is a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle under the hood as well as under the car, tire pressures set, needed items lubricated and fluids topped off.



From small to large, we have the ability to perform repairs on all systems of foreign or domestic cars and trucks. Some of the repairs we perform on a regular basis are brakes, suspensions, engines, check engine lights, transmissions, 4-wheel drive, heat and air conditioning systems.


Scheduled Maintainance

We follow manufacturers maintenance schedules, keep detailed records of maintenance and repairs. Owners of new vehicles do not have to have their cars serviced by the dealer to maintain their car warranty, but do have to follow the vehicles maintenance schedule. Why drive to the automile for your scheduled maintenance when there's a convenient professional auto service near you.




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