Oil Changes

Our oil change service is more than just a drain & refill of engine oil. It is a comprehensive safety inspection of the vehicle; complete with electronic report & documentation. The service also includes tire pressures being set, needed items lubricated and fluids topped off.


Potential failure if neglected

Neglecting to change your oil according to the manufacturers recommended interval and oil grade is very bad. Short-term damage can be done when an engine that requires synthetic is using conventional engine oil. Long-Term damage can be done to any engine that has the engine oil changed overdue by sometimes as little as 1,500 miles each time. The short-term and long-term damage may not necessarily be of the same type. Short-term damage may consist of a ruined turbocharger due to a restricted oil passage from incorrect oil grade. Long-term damage may consist of scored piston walls, restricted passages and damaged seals/bearings due to carbon and metal particles suspended in the engine oil. Lack of lubrication due to decreased oil pressure from a clogged oil filter can ruin bearings and cause irreversible damage throughout the entire engine.