Motorvac Carbon Clean

One of our preventive maintenance services that we provide is the Motorvac Carbon Clean Service. Many of our customers commonly refer to television commercials advertising premium fuels and engine oils that prevent carbon buildups within an engine. Age is unavoidable, that doesn’t mean your car should be sluggish and tired.

The Motorvac Carbon Clean Service is something that we commonly recommend to older and higher mileage vehicles in order to improve emissions, fuel consumption, engine performance and overall drive-ability. Over time, an engine can collect carbon deposits in areas that typically only a full engine disassembly and rebuild would be able to remove.

The Carbon Clean Service drastically improves the operation of various internal as well as external engine components that until a short time ago, were only revitalized by an expensive and time consuming repair. Combining regular scheduled maintenance and oil service with a Motorvac Carbon Clean service in reasonable intervals is a sure way to prolong the life of your vehicle’s engine and retain it’s drive-ability.


Potential failure if neglected

Component failure commonly happens in a branch effect. Neglecting the malfunction of one component can lead to the failure of multiple other parts. Carbon buildups can be compared to New England snow storms;The best way to save yourself from a lot of overwhelming hard work is to prevent too much of it from accumulating. The Motorvac Carbon Clean begins cleaning right at the fuel injector where the carbon and gumming first begins. The solution mixture cleans the intake valves and combustion chambers as it burns, then as it exits the engine it cleans deposits from the oxygen sensors and Catalytic Converter(s). A dirty engine uses more fuel and makes less horsepower. Much of the fuel doesn’t get burned, it enters the exhaust system as raw or partially burned fuel and can then do damage to the catalytic converter by exceeding its range of operation.