Engine/Transmission Replacement

We started out back in the 1980’s only performing major engine repairs and engine rebuilding. We now do much more although those major engine repairs and replacements are still a mainstay.

We offer many different repair options for most vehicles in the circumstance that an engine or transmission has come to catastrophic failure. For some cars, it is more cost and time effective to source an engine or transmission with less miles from a used parts supplier. Various other cars may be difficult to source an entire engine for, in that case it may be more sensible to perform an engine rebuild at Granite State Balancing which is right on site with us. We will evaluate the various options and discuss them with you in order to reduce cost and downtime that major repairs are stereotyped for.


Potential failure if neglected

Ignoring the signs of future necessary repairs is never recommended. Major engine and transmission failure do not always come with forewarning but, when it does, it needs to be administered promptly. Driving an older car with excessive emissions, blueish smoke out the tailpipe and high oil consumption is not safe. Many people figure that they will drive it until it dies, but they rarely die at a convenient time or safe location. In the process of driving a car with a malfunctioning engine, it may be doing damage to other expensive emissions components such as the oxygen sensors and catalytic converter.

Signs of transmission failure may come and immediately affect the drive-ability of your car. You may experience abrupt shifting, lack of shifting, slipping, slow shifts or a vehicle that does not move in one or multiple gear selections. Operating a car with a malfunctioning transmission is definitely not safe and has potential to lead to increased stress and damage to other components. These repairs are one of our specialties.