Spring Tips:

Thoroughly wash and clean your car after the harsh winter season. Road Salt clings to everything underneath the vehicle and rust/corrodes components prematurely. Washing the undercarraige and wheelwells is important to prolonging the life of the vehicle. Springtime is also when alot of new potholes and road disruptions are most likely to cause damage to your car. The damage that is done can easily snowball and affect other components that were originally unaffected if not tended to quickly. Drive tentatively and avoid potholes and questionable puddles when safe to do so.

Summer Tips:

Have some confidence in your ride. Have it thoroughly inspected at the beginning of the summer so you know that it can safely transport you and your friends/family to your summer activities. You may get the urge to drive 100 miles on a highway to beaches and amusment parks, while your car is urging that it needs tires or brakes. Our technicians are equipped to test and service Air Conditioning systems and perform mechanical vehicle repairs.

Fall Tips:

The first few cold days in the fall are the reminder that winter isnt far away. We are reminded of starting our cars on cold mornings and clearing morning frost from the windshield. When heating systems dont work, the problem pokes it’s head on the first 45 degree day. Fixing the problem while it is a minor inconvenience will prevent it from becoming a major headache on the first shockingly cold day.

Winter Tips:

Winter months are especially harsh on vehicles. Have the battery/alternator/starter tested as to provide some confidence that your car wont let you down. The technicians at Precision Motor Werks can provide reccomendations that will help you operate your vehicle safely in the winter. Some vehicles need snow tires to drive in a dusting while others can drive all winter with all-season tires.

Seasonal Tips