– Hear a squeak or a grinding sound when applying or letting off the brakes?  Does your car pull to the side when braking? Any and all brake work you might need; from Pads & Rotors to Calipers & hoses or even a Master Cylinder or brake lines, we have the tools and know-how to get you back on the road safely.


– Clunks and bangs over bumps, or clicking when turning? We do it all! Need new shocks and springs? No problem! Want to add a lift kit? We can do that too!  Ball joints, control arms, air suspension, axles, we’ve got you covered! With many factory & aftermarket options, we will find you the best quality parts for the best price!


– Does your car all of a sudden sound like a Harley? Your exhaust might be leaking!  From entire system replacement, to weld repairs, if your exhaust system needs help, we can fix it!


– Hear an odd noise from your engine compartment? A tapping or knocking sound? Benefit from our experience! We have been repairing, replacing & upgrading engines for decades. Engine performance can be one of the most complicated and intricate endeavors, and when not done properly can cascade into much larger issues costing you time and money. Let us care for your investment to make sure you get not only the most efficient engine possible, but keep the cost of ownership to a minimum!


– Is your vehicle not shifting properly? Banging or slipping into the next gear? Not responding properly when applying the gas pedal? Whether you just need a transmission fluid service or entire replacement, we will get and keep your transmission running as optimally as possible!


– Temperature gauge spike, steam, poor heat function, or over heating? Cooling system diagnostics, maintenance, and repair, whatever your vehicles cooling system needs, we can handle. Radiators, heater cores, a system flush for regular maintenance, we do it all!


– Is there a groaning sound when you turn the wheel? Is the steering wheel getting physically harder to turn? Whatever your vehicles power steering system needs we can address! Whether a leak needs to be resolved or the steering rack needs to be replaced, let our professionals get your power steering system running the way the manufacturer intended!


– Air conditioning not blowing as cold as is used to? If your a/c system simply needs a charge of Freon, a leak to be found, or a system component replaced, let Precision Motor Werks get your air conditioning system running like the day it was new!


– Malfunction indicator light on (Check engine, Air bag, ABS, battery)? No problem. We will use all the latest software and technology to get to the bottom of the issue and find the most cost effective way to get your vehicle running properly again.


– Have our professionals install your tires the right way! No cutting corners here! Not only will we clean & descale the wheels for proper mounting adhesion but we will also service the hub mounting surface of corrosion which can cause the wheel to not seat properly and become loose over time – a practice not seen in chain stores.


Other Services and info:

Engine/Transmission Replacement

We started out back in the 80’s only performing major engine repairs and engine rebuilding. We now do so much more, but major engine repairs are still a mainstay. We perform such repairs for many other local repair shops which do not want to get involved in major repair work as well as regular customers and referrals.

Oil Changes

Our oil change service is more than just changing the oil and filter. It is a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle under the hood as well as under the car, tire pressures set, needed items lubricated and fluids topped off.


From small to large, we have the ability to perform repairs on all systems of foreign or domestic cars and trucks. Some of the repairs we perform on a regular basis are brakes, suspensions, engines, check engine lights, transmissions, 4-wheel drive, heat and air conditioning systems.

Scheduled Maintainance

We follow manufacturers maintenance schedules, keep detailed records of maintenance and repairs. Owners of new vehicles do not have to have their cars serviced by the dealer to maintain their car warranty, but do have to follow the vehicles maintenance schedule. Why drive to the automile for your scheduled maintenance when there’s a convenient professional auto service near you.

Motorvac Carbon Clean

One of our preventive maintenance services that we provide is the Motorvac Carbon Clean Service. Many of our customers commonly refer to television commercials advertising premium fuels and engine oils that prevent carbon buildups within an engine. Age is unavoidable, that doesn’t mean your car should be sluggish and tired.