Scheduled Maintenance Services

We follow manufacturer’s maintenance schedules, and keep detailed records of maintenance and repairs. Owners of new vehicles do not have to have their cars serviced by the dealer to maintain their vehicles warranty, but do have to follow the vehicles maintenance schedule. You don’t have to drive all the way to the auto-mile for your scheduled maintenance and service needs when there’s a convenient, professional, auto service near you!

Potential failure if neglected

Following manufacturers recommended maintenance schedules is important even after the warranty has expired. Unfortunately, no car is perfect, they all break occasionally and wear out some parts. Manufacturers know the life expectancy of their components under strict and neglected maintenance. If a manufacturer requires you to change your timing belt at 60,000 miles, it is likely because the timing belt, tensioner or water pump were tested and found prone to failure by 70,000 miles. Snapping a timing belt has only become more and more expensive with the increase in engine technology and the number of components that fail when a camshaft and crankshaft spin independently of each other. Our consultants pay close attention to your vehicle’s mileage and will inform you of recommended scheduled maintenance.