Our Mission:

Here at Precision Motor Werks it is our mission to provide fast, friendly, reliable, service to our customers and community. For the past 30 years in the automotive industry, Precision Motor Werks has built its foundation on being a dedicated, trustworthy, and state-of-the-art facility for the average American family; and automotive enthusiasts alike. We have worked hard to maintain our outstanding reputation of being a first-rate, affordable repair facility.


We started out back in the 80’s only performing major engine repairs and engine rebuilding. We now do so much more, however major engine repairs are still a mainstay. We perform such repairs for many other local repair shops who do not tackle such involved projects. Since then we have grown into a full service facility boasting 7 service bays & lifts, and a machine shop out back.

We’re Green!

One thing that frequently surprises our customers is that our facility is green. All cardboard, paper, plastics, steel, aluminum, tires and rare earth metals are separated and recycled. Even more impressive is that during the winter months, our entire facility is efficiently heated by the waste engine oil that is collected from engine oil changes year round.


Not only do we have all the latest software and computers the industry has to offer, but our technicians are consistently updating their education with new classes and seminars. As the ever changing landscape of auto repair grows – so do our technicians.


Our facility has a combined 170 years of automotive experience with 4 full time technicians and two service managers.